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New Trends in Fundraising

Everyone has a cell phone and Internet access today. It would be very hard to find anyone who has not shopped Online or ordered Online to make a purchase for the Holidays or for a Special Occasion Gift.

Fundraising is about to change forever, from door to door sales of Candy, Cookie Dough and Gift Wrap being the primary means to raise money, to Online Fundraising.

A good online Fundraising Program will ship all products ordered directly to the Customer or Recipient.

Online e-commerce has been growing at a rate of 15% to 25% for over a decade and will continue at that growth rate for decades to come. Online Fundraising is beginning a similar growth rate to that right now!

Online Fundraising with GreatMoods

Do you have a quality Online Fundraising Program and appropriate Product for Online Fundraising Sales? Can’t ship Cookie Dough, can’t ship one dollar Chocolate Bars, it would cost a fortune.

Products and Gifts from the GreatMoods Mall can be shipped Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. GreatMoods Fundraising delivers it all.

This one Program allows 3 to 5 significant fundraising income opportunities a year, with one simple setup.

Cash is Deposited Weekly on every order directly into your Group's PayPal Account 24/7/365 days a year.

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