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3 Steps to Fundraising $uccess!

The GreatMoods Program allows all of the Fundraising to take place online with our Simple 3 Step Setup.

Step 1) Setup Website Example

All you need to do is fill in the basic fields that are relevant to your organization, such as name of the organization and message or purpose for the Fundraiser.

Step 2) Setup Members Example

Each Student or Member can create their own Free Individually Personalized Fundraising Website requesting support from their Friends and Family Members. (Anyone who has setup a Facebook page can setup the entire member list, depending on its size, in an evening.)

Step 3) Setup E-Mails Example

Each Student or Member enters in the e-mail addresses for his or her Friends, Family, and Neighbors. Then a personal e-mail, or one of our standard e-mails, can go out to this e-mail list requesting the support for their Fundraiser.

Lastly, setup a PayPal account so you or your group can receive Cash Weekly on every sale, and again we can work with you to get it done quickly. Getting paid through GreatMoods is done online through PayPal. All transactions are processed when a consumer buys a product or gift and all funds are deposited directly into your fundraising PayPal account.

If you already have a PayPal account, you can add that account's email to the proper field on your information website set up screen.

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GreatMoods is looking forward to working with you and your Organization to build a long-term consistent Fundraising Revenue!

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GreatMoods offers fundraising opportunities for schools, religious
organizations, community organizations and more.