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The calculator is simple to use:
  • Enter the number of Students or Members in your School or Organization
  • Enter the percentage of Students or Members you believe will participate, ie: 33 (same as 33% or .33)
  • Enter the average number of Products and Gifts each of your Students or Members will sell for each fundraiser
  • Multiplied by $35 (The average retail price of each product purchased)
  • Enter the number of fundraisers per year
    (Most people do 3 or 4 fundraisers a year with our program. Generally it begins in midsummer for the Winter holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) and continues after the first of the year for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation and Father's Day)
  • Each Club, Team or Organization then receives 35% of each Product of Gift sold

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Your Fundraiser      Number of
       Percentage of
      Products & Gifts
Sold Per
       $35 Avg.
Retail Price     
Per Year     
       Percent to
Your Fundraiser     
Amount Raised     
Your Fundraiser
x x x $35.00 x x 35% =

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